"It's hard not knowing:" Wisconsin couple with sick child needs help from the community

KELLNERSVILLE, Wisconsin -- A Wisconsin couple is hoping for some help from their community as they struggle with their baby's mysterious illness. Seven-month-old Lynk sometimes turns blue, and stops breathing -- and doctors cannot figure out why.

Ever since Lynk was born, he and his parents have made hospitals their second home. He suffers from an unknown illness which makes him turn blue, and sometimes, stop breathing.

"They did tests in Green Bay and on Christmas Day, they noticed his heart wasn't completely working, so he was transferred down to Madison and we spent a week there. We've been back there four or five times and we've been to Milwaukee, and nobody knows," Brittany Kimmel, Lynk's mother said.

Lynk has been through a slew of tests -- MRI, electrocardiogram, ultrasounds and many blood tests.

"It's just hard I guess not knowing what the problem really is. You don't know if it's something serious, or if it's minor and maybe it's not a problem. We have no idea," Chris Kimmel, Lynk's father said.

"Four or five hospitals sending us bills, and we're behind," Brittany Kimmel said.

The family has scheduled a fundraiser for Saturday, August 5th at the Kellnersville Fire Station, where there will be live music, raffles, kids activities and food. They've set up a Facebook page to keep in touch with supporters.

"We've actually had a lot of support and we've been updating as we go on what's going on, because we got news last week -- his right kidney is getting worse. It's not getting better," Brittany Kimmel said.

Doctors believe the main problems are with Lynk's kidneys and heart.

CLICK HERE to access the Kimmel family's GoFundMe.com account.