'It's awesome:' Green Bay boy has post-surgery dance party at Children's Hospital

MILWAUKEE -- A 5-year-old boy proved you don't need a stage to bust some moves. The Green Bay youngster had a dance party with his grandpa in a grocery store before his surgery. At Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Friday, June 7, he was still grooving after surgery.

Whether it be surgery or location, nothing stops Kyu San Juan from flossing -- and a special guest stopped by Children's Hospital on Friday to get in on the fun. They called it a "post-surgery dance 2.0."

Kyu and Boomer


Before surgery, a frozen food aisle at a Festival Foods in Green Bay turned into a dance floor as the grandpa-grandson duo busted out some moves ahead of the Kyu San Juan's brain operation.

"He wanted to go dance with grandpa before his surgery," said Rasami Moua, the boy's mother. "We picked a spot and went to the frozen aisle... don't cry."

Kyu Moua recruited his grandpa for the impromptu dance party ahead of his procedure. This wasn't the first time the 5-year-old has faced a major surgery -- but it's never a bad time to "get down" in order to cheer yourself up.

"Because it's awesome," said Kyu.

Boomer gives Kyu a big hug

Dance party inside the Children's Hospital

With Kyu San Juan on the road to recovery, a special dancer stopped by on Friday. Boomer the Turkey -- the Festival Foods mascot -- surprised him with a "post-surgery dance 2.0," and brought some of his favorite treats.

"Plenty of goodies to get him along and keep his energy up for dancing," said Lynn Baron, Festival Foods.

Family members also couldn't resist the beat as the Children's Hospital lobby soon turned into a dance floor.

"Whenever the opportunity rises, it doesn't matter where you are -- just to dance," said Baron.

Kyu and his family

Boomer gives Kyu a big hug

While Kyu San Juan might have a few favorite spots to rock out, he said there are no rules when it comes to the dance floor.

"Festival Foods, Pick 'n' Save, Walmart," said Kyu San Juan.

"You can be anything you want. You can dance however you want," said Rasami.

The boy's mom said his surgery went better than the doctors anticipated. To donate toward Kyu San Juan's fundraiser, click HERE.