"It was the right thing to do:" Trans-Canada Corp. hands over $20,000 check to Veterans Day Parade

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee's Veterans Day Parade will go on this year -- thanks to a generous donation. On Tuesday, September 23rd, the check was delivered.

The check for $20,000 was given to the parade's organizers by the Trans-Canada Corporation. The company donated the money after a FOX6 story about the parade losing two major sponsors -- and its future being in jeopardy.

"One of my employees saw the news clip on FOX6 and called me and I called Joan, our community investment specialist and we quickly got the ball rolling and it was the right thing to do," Matthew Stubbs with the Trans-Canada Corporation said.

Another business saw the story as well, and decided to hold a fundraiser. Stylists at the Bradley Village Barbers in Brown Deer donated their time to the cause. All haircuts were free for a day, and the money was donated to the parade.

The Bradley Village Barbers raised $863.

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