"It was shocking:" Waitress, single mother accused of faking terminal cancer diagnosis to solicit donations

UTAH (WITI) -- Cashing in...on cancer?! A Utah woman is accused of faking a terminal illness -- bilking supporters out of thousands of dollars. This, according to FOX6's sister station, FOX13 in Salt Lake City.

FOX13 reports Lesley Jensen is the prime suspect in a fraud investigation centered in a small Utah town.

"Lesley has suggested she had brain cancer," Logan Police Chief Gary Jensen said.

Grade 4 Glioblastoma is an aggressive form of brain cancer. Police say Lesley Jensen faked cancer, and duped folks into donating thousands of dollars.

"Lesley went through a series of efforts to legitimize her claims of cancer, which included forged documents," Chief Jensen said.

FOX13 reports Lesley Jensen was a waitress -- and reports her co-workers helped to raise money for the Cache Valley for Hope Cancer Foundation on her behalf -- some even donating their tips. Donations were also made to the Cache County Cares for Cancer, and to a GoFundMe page for Lesley Jensen.

The Cache Valley for Hope Cancer Foundation has this statement posted on its website:

"Logan City Police are conducting an investigation into the details surrounding one of the people helped by Cache Valley For Hope Cancer Foundation, and we are cooperating fully with that investigation.

While we wait for that investigation to be completed, however, we already have begun our own internal examination of the policies and procedures in place that have worked so well to help hundreds of people in our community. We are looking closely at all the protocols we have in place, and we will make any changes necessary to ensure that oversight is meticulous, comprehensive and completely open to public scrutiny.

We are proud of the impact the Cache Valley For Hope Cancer Foundation has had on many people and families affected by cancer in this community, and we are saddened to think that someone might exploit any charitable organization or the well-meaning individuals that contribute to them.

We’ve already received dozens of emails, texts and calls today from our “Hope Families” — people we’ve helped who are expressing support for the foundation and what we have done for them and it is great to hear from them and have their support."

Police say Lesley Jensen's web of lies unraveled quickly.

“We would hope that people not lose faith. These are people, these are events that end fairly quickly in a fraud scheme. Lies get bigger and bigger, and before too long things start to stack against a person," Chief Jensen said.

Lesley Jensen is facing a laundry list of charges. She was taken to a hospital for an evaluation.

FOX13 reports Jensen's parents reported her missing in December. She was found in a remote mountanous area of Cache Valley, Utah.

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