'It was a miracle:' Teen survives being shot in head, recovers from brain surgery

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee teen is recovering from brain surgery this week -- nearly four months after he was shot in the head while leaving school. The surgery to replace part of the teen's skull went well Wednesday. But as a result of having to care for him, the teen's family has become homeless. Now, his teacher hopes the community steps up this holiday season.

Tyrese Mosbey

While most students are celebrating the start of winter break, Tyrese Mosbey will spend the holidays hooked up to machines.

"He's still in the process of learning to walk again," said Tamika Johnson.

On Aug. 29, Tamika Johnson said Tyrese had just completed a writing assignment for her language arts class about the importance of staying out of trouble.

Tyrese Mosbey

"He always talked about standing out, doing something differently," Johnson said.

When a group of people fired shots at the bus stop he and other children were standing at, one of the bullets struck Tyrese in the head.

Shooting scene at Hopkins & Courtland, Milwaukee

Shooting scene at Hopkins & Courtland, Milwaukee

"Even when the officers came back to get information about him, they were speaking in past tense," Johnson said.

Tyrese Mosbey

Against all odds, the 17-year-old survived.

"It was a miracle," Johnson said.

But the medical bills and time spent caring for Tyrese have taken a toll on his younger siblings and single mother.

"She called me and said I have to go back to work. And she's like, 'I don't even know how I'm going to be able to go back to work and leave him. But me and my children are going to be on the streets,'" Johnson said.

It is added pain survivors of gun violence and their families often go through -- and too often they are overlooked by the community.

Tyrese Mosbey

Tamika Johnson

"With other people that we see pass away, the community comes out. But I was disheartened how this 17-year-old was shot and he survived and the community was like, 'He's living, he's not dead,'" Johnson said.

Tamika Johnson has set up a GoFundMe page to help Tyrese's family. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Milwaukee police have not said whether any suspects have been arrested in this case.