'It sucks to shovel:' Some residents wake up to parking tickets after winter storm

MILWAUKEE -- A snow emergency means two things in Milwaukee: sloppy roads and parking tickets.

Mackenzie Paschke

The roads are quiet at 4:30 a.m. -- except for the car passing out a line of parking tickets in Bay View.

"Yeah, it's definitely more of a bummer getting one of these tickets than a normal ticket," said Mackenzie Paschke, got a parking ticket.

Mackenzie Paschke is one of the people waking up to a $50 parking ticket taped to her window. She parked on the wrong side of the road during Sunday's snow emergency. The snow had already disrupted her weekend plans.

"I was actually supposed to drive down to Illinois to visit family and that got canceled, so that was kind of a bummer," said Paschke.

Gowsing Cha

Gowsing Cha has a different outlook.

"It sucks to shovel everything off, but I like the snow," said Gowsing Cha.

It helps that she has yet to get a parking ticket this winter.

"No not yet, Hopefully not," said Cha.

The snow a welcome change after a few weeks of milder weather.

Bay View snow cleanup

"It's definitely not like it was last year when it was a lot crazier, but here it's kind of nice. You get a break in between," said Cha.

To confirm the arterials which do not allow any parking and for additional parking restriction information, CLICK HERE or call 414-286-CITY (-2489).

Vehicles which are not parked in compliance with winter parking regulations during the winter season will be cited:

    Posted street signs take precedence.

    CLICK HERE for more on winter parking in Milwaukee.