"It makes it too convenient:" Federal approval of powdered alcohol sparks concern for state lawmakers

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- There's beer, and there's wine...how about "Palcohol?" Powdered alcohol, or "'Palcohol," has been federally approved to be sold in stores. But some lawmakers want it banned before it even hits store shelves.

Just imagine among the shelves of vodka, beer and gin, a powder packing the same punch with the same buzz, and all you have to do is add water.

The new product Palcohol is being marketed as a lightweight option for the outdoorsy type looking for a happy hour. One pouch is one mixed drink. It has been created in four flavors and could be on store shelves by this summer.

The federal government approved sales of the product on Wednesday, March 11th. But state lawmakers are now rushing to stop it from hitting store shelves.

"It creates a whole host of unintended consequences," said Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee).

Carpenter has introduced bipartisan legislation to ban Palcohol in Wisconsin.

"Think of folks sneaking it into school, Brewers games, Packers games, movie theaters," said Carpenter.

Carpenter says it's too easy to conceal and too tempting for those who might be underage.

"It makes it too convenient. Law enforcement, parents are not going to be happy about it," said Carpenter.

About a half-dozen states have already banned the substance and more are looking to do the same.

This, as the creator of Palcohol is firing back.

"We don't need a nanny government telling us what we can do," Palcohol creator Mark Phillips said.

But that's not stopping anyone from trying.

"It's just a nightmare waiting to happen," said Carpenter.

The Wisconsin Tavern League supports banning Palcohol, saying they don't see a lot of positives. There is a board meeting on Monday, March 16th, to discuss the next step.

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