'It hurts them:' With summer basketball leagues on hold due to COVID-19, recruiting takes a hit

MEQUON -- While the NBA may or may not resume its season, other levels of basketball are coming to grips with the effects of the current situation.

The NCAA had to cancel its signature basketball event this year. The NY2LA organization is on hold, as well.

"I think the last thing on anybody's mind is to have somebody promoting an event that may happen in the future. July or June. Pushing that narrative," said Antonio Curro. "I am not going to be participating in that and I think it is irresponsible to do it."

Curro usually brings top high school and college coaches from around the country to Homestead High School for showcase tournaments throughout the spring and summer. The recruiting landscape is significantly altered this year.

"A Duke or Kentucky is not impacted. They are impacted, but they are not. They are going to generally have an idea going into each class who the top kids are. And they will be able to pick from there," Curro said.  "I don't think they are impacted. I think it is more your lower-tier major schools that maybe are trying to figure something from a basketball standpoint. It hurts them."

Between rules changes last year and the COVID-19 situation this year, it is a tense time in the sport.

"This has got to be, if I am a Division I college coach, the worst two years of having the ability to recruit in the history of the game," said Curro.

The term March Madness will always have a different connotation now.