"It exposes how the scam works and educates the consumer:" Scam Detector app protects your money

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — There are hundreds of different scams out there and they all have one thing in common — stealing your money! However, with a quick download you can protect yourself.

Everyday FOX6's Contact 6 gets e-mails, letters and phone calls about scams. There's so many out there, it can be hard to know if you're getting duped. Now, the power to protect yourself is in the palm of your with Scam Detector.

Scam Detector is an app and website that puts information about hundreds of scams at your fingertips.

It can help you figure out whether or not you're dealing with a con-artist before it's too late.

"It exposes how the scam works and educates the consumer on how to avoid them," said Sorin Mihailovici, the founder of Scam Detector.

The idea for Scam Detector came after Mihailovici's friend lost thousands.

"One of my best friend's lost $30,000 to a very intricate scam a few years ago," Mihailovici explained.

His friend's horrible experience inspired a short docudrama called "419: The Nigerian Scam."

The short film outlined his friend's experience with scammers and, ultimately, led to the creation of Scam Detector to help consumers.

Scam Detector is a free smartphone download with information on over 800 scams.

The app and website have information on over 800 scams.

All users have to do is type in a keyword or type of scam.

"The app spits a few or more scams the consumers may be a victim of either in that specific area," Mihailovici said.

Whether you use the app or not, Mihailovici says protect yourself from scams by being in the know.

"To be honest, if you read all the scams in Scam Detector, there are some that you can't even avoid — literally! What you have to do, the best thing to do, is always always always educate yourself and read," Mihailovici said.

Scam Detector is free online and a free download for smartphones.