Is that old baseball card worth money?

MILWAUKEE -- Have you ever wondered just how much that old shoebox full of baseball cards is worth?  People have the chance to ask the experts this weekend.

Clean Sweep Auctions is appraising, buying and selling sports memoribilia at the Wyndham Hotel by the airport.

"We give them a free appraisal, there’s no pressure to sell anything, we don’t charge any fees of any kind," Clean Sweep Auction Pres. Steve Verkman said.

People from all walks of life stopped by Saturday.  Some walked away with a couple hundred dollars for signed jerseys and baseball cards.

Others, like Ken Lange were in for a treat.  The Milwaukee man had two old baseballs in his drawer for more than 50 years.  They are signed by one of baseball's greats, Roger Hornsby. Lange sold the two baseballs for $2,000.

"They were probably worth $5 back then, look what time has done," Lange said.

Dozens of others are finding out their old treasures are getting better with time.

The event continues Sunday from 9 am until 4:30 pm.