"Is my home going to be next?" Vandals sweep through south side neighborhood

MILWAUKEE -- Spray paint, eggs and even pancake batter. Vandals targeted a neighborhood on Milwaukee's south side.

Neighbors say the vandalism has been happening for about a month. It started off small, but this week got worse.

"Very unusual incident," said Patricia Bigelow, neighbor.

A quiet neighborhood near 27th and Vogel has recently become the target of vandals.

"I've never heard of anything like that happening in our neighborhood. I woke up to see my home was TP'd," said Bigelow.

Small pranks turned bigger.

"My next door neighbor informed me that she was egged," said Bigelow.

Moving from one home to more than a dozen.

"Never in my wildest dreams could I anticipate the rash of vandalism that occurred Wednesday night into Thursday morning," said Bigelow.

Homes and cars were targeted across several blocks.

"They were using shaving cream, pancake batter, spray paint, egging. They were running around breaking into cars," said Bigelow.

Egg is still located on the window of one home, and days later it was targeted again -- blue and black paint were found around the frame and doorknob.

"It was really thick and heavy, caused some damage to her property," said Officer Carlos Felix, Milwaukee Police Department.

Officers from Milwaukee Police District 6 helped clean up the mess.

"If you have a neighborhood that has graffiti and criminal activity going on, you're going to invite more criminal activity," said Officer Felix.

Now, the neighborhood looks like it's back to normal.

"This has been going on for almost a month now, and it doesn't show any signs of stopping," said Bigelow.

But a sense of security is gone.

"You're wondering, is my home going to be next?" said Bigelow.

Milwaukee Police District 6 helps clean up graffiti and vandalism through a program called project payback. That's made up of officers and those doing community service.

Meantime, police are still looking for who vandalized the area.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 414-935-7263.