Investigators look for new evidence in shooting of pregnant woman

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Nearly a year after a pregnant woman was shot in the stomach on Milwaukee's north side, investigators are looking for a key piece of information that may lead them to a suspect.

The 38-year-old woman was outside a daycare on Caldwell Court on July 5th, 2012 when she noticed a man walking toward her. When she tried to run, the suspect grabbed her and shot her once, point blank, in the side of the abdomen.

The woman survived but her unborn baby did not.

A recently requested subpoena is requesting vital documents that police hope will lead to a break in the case. Court documents obtained by FOX6 News show that authorities are now seeking phone records from the unborn child's father.

Reports say the man told the victim "we shouldn't be having another baby," and "we'll just have to deal with it then."

The documents also indicate the victim's oldest son saw the man abuse his mother by slapping and choking her and even pushing her down the stairs while pregnant.

Records show the victim's son does not think his mother was randomly targeted. He believes the unborn child's father could have had someone else commit the crime.

FOX6 News went to the father's home for comment, but our crews were turned away.

Detectives say that because the father attempted to hide his affair with the victim from his current wife, and there are indications of past violence, they want to examine the man's phone records to determine his whereabouts or possible involvement in the death of the unborn child.

Authorities hope that analysis of the phone records will help identify any associates the father contacted around the time of the incident. This information could help police investigate whether or not any of those individuals match the description of the shooter, ultimately leading them to a suspect.