Internet connected sprinklers check forecast before watering, could save you money

Imagine never having to program your sprinklers ever again… or see them go off after it just rained.

A new crop of internet connected sprinkler controllers – or smart irrigation systems – can help you take control of your water situation. They check the weather forecast before watering your lawn and adjust their schedule based on a variety of factors.

You can easily install these systems yourself if you are comfortable with simple wiring and a screwdriver. The toughest part might be connecting the systems to your existing internet network.

There are many brands available, but before you buy any of them be sure to check out the reviews, especially on the app since that is how you will be interacting with the system. Also, be sure to get a controller that’s appropriate for the number of valves and zones you have in your yard.

We talked to Jim Kuciel, who has installed several of the smart irrigation systems. Learn more about him at

We featured systems from:
Ranchio and Blossom