Interfaith offers options to check on older family members

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- This week's heat has prompted multiple counties in southeast Wisconsin to issue heat advisories and tips on staying cool. Among those pieces of advice authorities have dispensed include periodically checking on family members and elderly to make sure they are faring well in the extreme heat.

FOX6 News investigated ways residents could check on older family members individuals in the area.

In particular, Interfaith Older Adult Programs, Inc. offers plans for those concerned for the health of older family member. Interfaith Central Community Director Betty Smith is among one of the people who visits and phones the older adults in the extreme heat. She brings box fans to older adults and makes sure they are not falling ill due to the heat.

Along with these house calls, Interfaith also offers a telephone reassurance program.

Doris Pastorino, 87, is involved with this Interfaith phone call program. Someone calls her every day to make sure the  air conditioning.

" (It's) very fortunate," Pastorino said. "The gal that they assigned to me is fantastic. She calls me between 8:30 and 9 in the morning, every day and makes my day.

However, regardless of the weather, an Interfaith representative calls just to talk. Pastorino looks forward to these calls everyday.

"She is so cheerful," Pastorino said about the caller. "(She) makes me feel good."

To find about this telephone reassurance program, click here for more information.