Instant Tax Service employee turns self in after Contact 6 story airs

MILWAUKEE -- Brittany Rutledge, who worked at the Instant Tax Service office near 81st and Appleton Avenue has turned herself in after Katrina Cravy's Contact 6 story aired Sunday night, March 11th.

Rutledge is in custody for violating the terms of her probation.

FOX6's Katrina Cravy walked into the Instant Tax Service office and found Rutledge working there - and Rutledge grabbed her coat and left through the back door.

Rutledge previously told Contact 6 her last name was "Scott," but a tip from a FOX6 viewer revealed her real identity, and that she was convicted in 2008 of insurance fraud, and should not be filing people's taxes.

Contact 6 will continue to follow up on this story, but if you had your taxes filed at Instant Tax Service and think you paid too much, CLICK HERE to file a complaint with Contact 6. You should also contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection at 800-422-7128.