Indiana driver tries to jump closed bridge during police chase, leaves behind prosthetic leg

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department were searching for a driver who tried to jump a bridge “Dukes of Hazards” style, but this wasn’t Hollywood, so it didn’t turn out well.

Officers said they encountered a reckless driver Sunday night, May 26, and he almost hit an IMPD patrol car head-on.

The driver refused to stop and led officers on a chase to a closed bridge. The driver ignored the signs and warnings and attempted to drive across the bridge, but his vehicle skidded and came to rest as it hit the exposed beams of the bridge.

The driver exited the vehicle and fled on foot. Literally. One foot.

Officers arrested a passenger who was supposed to be on house arrest. The passenger told police the driver was a one-legged man, and he left his prosthetic leg behind.

Police said they were confident they would track down the driver soon.