"In shock over this:" Oak Creek teacher charged with having sex with 15-year-old student

OAK CREEK -- Shocked and sickened -- that's how the superintendent describes the feelings after a well-respected teacher at Oak Creek High School was charged with sexually assaulting a child.

Michael Jossie, 39, is well known in the Oak Creek community as the head high school basketball coach. He is a teacher for special ed students.

Monday, October 9th, police say a female worker at the school unlocked a classroom. Inside, she discovered Jossie and a 15-year-old girl sitting on a counter with her shirt up -- Jossie was standing in front of the girl.

Oak Creek High School

Oak Creek High School

"The principal then went to the room and basically confronted the teacher and student at that point," said Chief Steven Anderson, Oak Creek Police Department.

Michael Jossie

"We're shocked and we're sickened to learn that Oak Creek High School teacher Michael Jossie was charged with two counts of second-degree sexual assault of a child," said Superintendent Timothy Culver. "We're shocked because the misconduct with which Mr. Jossie is charged is inconsistent with his reputation."

Prosecutors say the two had a close relationship for about a year. Jossie told police he realized his feelings for her when he took her to dinner at an expensive restaurant. Jossie stated to investigators he had, "more feelings than you are supposed to have as a teacher" for a student.

According to the criminal complaint, after one sexual encounter, Jossie told police he gave the student $70 to buy the morning after pill.

Steven Anderson

"This was a very well-respected coach, authoritative figure in our community. I think there's a lot of parents and students who are in shock over this right now," said Chief Anderson.

Jossie has been in the Oak Creek School District since 2010. He is now been put on unpaid leave, and the district will ask that he be fired.

The Milwaukee County charges are not all. The police investigation discovered incidents at a hotel in New Berlin. After Jossie made his $25,000 bail Thursday night, police picked him up once again and brought him to Waukesha County jail for possible charges.

At Jossie's New Berlin home, no one answered the door for comment.

Michael Jossie's home

The Oak Creek police chief is asking parents to speak with their children to see if any other child may have had an inappropriate relationship with Jossie, and if so to report it to police.