In-N-Out Burger releases shoes inspired by cup design

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- In-N-Out’s instantly recognizable design for its takeout cups is now available on a pair of shoes.

The “Drink Cup Shoes,” with a Vans-esque design, are covered in the burger chain’s iconic palm tree print and feature removable red insoles. The company’s logo is stamped on the heel as if the chain was its own shoe brand. They aren’t exactly suited for wearing in the In-N-Out kitchen, however. The restaurants’ website says the shoes aren’t water or stain resistant.

In February 2019, In-N-Out filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Puma North America, which released their own sneakers that allegedly ripped off In-N-Out’s logo and colors, LAist reports.

You could get your own “Drink Cup Shoes” for $64.95.