"I'm very lucky:" Dash cam video shows how Ohio officer was nearly killed when he was hit by semi

EATON, Ohio -- Dash cam video has been released that shows the terrifying moment when a semi truck skidded off the road and hit an Ohio officer on January 8th. Captain Brad Moore with the Preble County Sheriff's Office miraculously survived, and he's now talking about the ordeal.

"I remember seeing the train hit the trailer and then I felt the impact of the semi, and rolled up in the bush," Captain Moore said. "I think I'm in a safe area because I'm hard right to the semi. And you can see it kind of jackknifes in the video, and shoots it hard almost at a 90 degree angle right into me."

Captain Moore's dashboard camera was recording as he was sent flying into the air.

"My left hand and arm got caught up in the right front tire and that's kind of what -- you see me barrel rolling. It shot me out," Captain Moore said.

Medics surrounded the officer within minutes. He was rushed to the hospital.

Prior to the incident caught on camera, Captain Moore was on the scene of a minor wreck on US 35. He was directing traffic as the semi drove over the train tracks, and then stopped.

When Moore waved the semi on, the railroad track's arms came down. The semi was pinned in, and a train was coming.

Moore told the driver to steer right around the arms, and at that moment, the train slammed into the semi.

"And in the video it almost looks like I'm gonna be ran over a second time," Moore said.

But Moore says a small incline near the bush sent him rolling to safety -- downhill and away from the semi's back wheels.

Moore received 25 stitches for two gashes on his head, and a broken left hand.

"It's a miracle. I mean, it really is. I mean, it's very...it makes you think a lot. It's one of those that a foot this way, a foot that way, no bush, it could have been really bad. So I'm very lucky. Very fortunate," Moore said.

Moore said he is looking forward to getting back to work. He hopes to get a doctor's approval to return to light duty soon.