'I'm very grateful:' Family of Jerica Banks donates her car to mother in need

MILWAUKEE -- Their murder stunned the community. Now, the family of a mother who was killed along with her children is helping out another mother in need.

"Big Red" – that's what Amarah "Jerica" Banks named her car before she has murdered in February along with her two daughters -- Camaria Banks and Zaniya Ivery.

"It was brought to my attention by my estimator Gina. She wanted to help the customer out," said Darryl Rochefort of Andrew Collision Center.

As Banks' family began to reclaim their daughter's property, the question about the car's future started to be asked, and it was the folks at Andrew's Collision Center that decided to work a miracle.

"We put this back together, and we were actually able to donate it back to the customer," Rochefort said.

Thousands of dollars and countless hours of labor all led up to this moment: A repaired car and the Banks' family giving it away.

"You're welcome, baby. Just take care of it like she did. That was her car," Banks' mother, Valeria Spinner said. "I know that she would really be, like, the fact that her car would go to another mother with a child."

The recipient of the keys, Imani Smith, a mother who hasn't been able to go to work due to not having reliable transportation.

Imani Smith

"I'm very grateful I have my son, and there is things I need to do where I need reliable transportation," Smith said. "I'm going to take very good care of this vehicle."

It marked a new start for her.

"Now I can go back to work, and start to accomplish other things in life that I need to accomplish," Smith said. "It's a very good start for me."

It also marked some closure for them.

The Banks' family hopes that this act will inspire others to be kind -- and pay it forward when they're able.