Illinois man charged, accused of robbing Martha's Vineyard store on Miller Park Way

William Roldan

WEST MILWAUKEE -- William Roldan of Antioch, Illinois is now charged in connection with a robbery that happened at the Martha's Vineyard store on Miller Park Way on Saturday, July 13. Roldan, 48, faces a charge of robbery (use of force).

According to the criminal complaint, Roldan walked into the store and attempted to buy a malted beverage. Roldan was going to pay with cash -- and when the cash register opened, the complaint indicates Roldan "pushed (the clerk) back, reaching over the counter and grabbing all of the cash from the register." The defendant fled the store.

West Milwaukee police released photos of the suspect in this case -- which showed the suspect wearing a distinctive t-shirt that read, "I make this shirt look good."

The complaint against Roldan indicates three days after the crime, Roldan was arrested by officers from the Antioch Police Department. Roldan identified himself as the perpetrator.  When Roldan was questioned by police, he "identified himself as the subject" seen in the video. He told investigators "he has an addiction to alcohol and cocaine" and owed his drug dealer about $100, "which is why he stole from Martha's Vineyard."

While Roldan has been charged in this case, he has yet to appear in court in Wisconsin.