'I was the one talking, you idiot:' Mayor Pro Tem curses at marijuana advocate in city council meeting

COLFAX, Calif. - Video shows the Mayor Pro Tem in Colfax, California yelling and cursing at a resident who was asking to open a marijuana dispensary.

The council was discussing a ban on marijuana dispensaries, and whether or not to let them back into the city in January once the sale of recreational pot becomes legal, according to KTXL.

"(Marijuana advocates) are the same people who have wasted our freaking time for the last three years," Hesch said at the meeting.

Mark Younggren, one of the several people who want to open a dispensary in Colfax, questioned the council at the meeting and interrupted Hesch a few times.

Hesch became agitated enough to slam his fist on the table and call Younggren an idiot.

"I was the one speaking, you idiot," Hesch yelled. "Don't you get it? You shut the (expletive) up when somebody is talking."

Younggren wasn't exactly surprised by the outburst.

"I was but I kind of wasn't, because I've seen him get mad before," Younggren said.

Younggren said Hesch accused marijuana dispensary owners of only caring about money, not other people.