"I was sick to my stomach:" SWAT teams raid Janesville woman's home, but why?!

JANESVILLE (WITI) -- A hostage situation in Janesville turned out to be a false alarm -- but it created a terrifying situation for the neighborhood. So what happened?

SWAT teams forced their way into a home on Sunday, August 24th. They thought they were coming upon a hostage situation -- but the woman living in the home said she knew nothing about a hostage situation -- and a 911 call that came in didn't come from anyone in her family.

"I was sick to my stomach," Ashley Arneson said.

Arneson came home on Sunday to find SWAT teams had broken into her home.

"I was terrified. My kids were terrified," Arneson said.

The 911 call came from a person claiming he shot his mother and was holding his brother hostage. The caller said he was at Arneson's address -- in the 300 block of Racine Street.

"I don't know anyone that would place a call like this," Arneson said.

As it turned out, the 911 call was a hoax -- but it's something police took very seriously. The SWAT team quickly arrived on scene -- first surrounding Sean Hill's home next door.

"Instantly heart racing, anxiety through the roof and I was just scared," Hill said.

SWAT officers guarded Hill's family inside his home, filling their bedrooms -- before making their entrance into Arneson's home.

"They had snipers out in playrooms, bedrooms, my bedroom and my son's bedroom window looking at the windows next door," Hill said.

Arneson's doors were replaced following the SWAT team's entry into her home.

She says she still doesn't know who made the call, and neither do police.

"I never thought this would happen, but this is my home. This is where I want to be," Arneson said.

Police say fake 911 calls like this can result in felony charges.

Police continue to investigate -- to determine who called 911.