'I was shaking': Woman says driver followed her home in confrontation caught on video

LOS ANGELES – A Southern California woman says a man she had encountered at the grocery store followed her home and behaved aggressively, causing her to fear for the safety of her family.

Tiana Neiviller told KTLA the frightening encounter happened after she left a West Hills shopping center. Neiviller, who is part of a neighborhood watch group on Facebook, says a man became angry because she snapped a photo of his car. She said she recognized the vehicle from prior complaints.

When he tapped on her window, she said she drove away and didn't notice him following her until she turned onto her street.

Neiviller's home security cameras captured the confrontation as he pulled into her driveway.

With her 3-year-old in the car, Neiviller at first tried to back out of the driveway.  The video shows the man blocking her exit with a silver sedan as he yells at her that she's "illuminati" and calls her a "fat (expletive)."

"The things he was saying wasn’t making sense, he’s not right in his head," Neiviller said. "I warned him that if he came onto my property I would shoot him."

Concerned for her child’s safety, she decided the best thing to do was to pull inside the garage and shut the door. But, instead of leaving, the video shows him honk the horn and accelerate. Neiviller said she though he was trying to pull into the garage to keep the door from closing.

"What would he have done to me? Would he have done something to my child had he heard my child in the car? I was scared," Neiviller said. "I was shaking, I was scared that he knew where I lived."

Fortunately for her, the garage door shut and the man eventually left. But Neiviller says the confrontation left her feeling uneasy.

"I want people to be aware, and if we are going to report crime be smarter than how I approached the situation."

She says the man is in his 30s, roughly 5 feet 5 inches tall and has a buzz cut. She says the car is a Mercedes with part of the bumper coming off.

Neiviller reported the disturbance to police.