"I was scared:" Man staged fake police chase, arrest leading to proposal which has now gone viral

MOBILE, Alabama -- An Alabama man managed to include a police chase in his marriage proposal! He staged a fake chase and an arrest -- using them as a backdrop in his effort to pop the question to his girlfriend. His proposal has now gone viral.

Every love story starts with a chase.

"When she ran up, the officer said 'get down! Who are you?' She said 'I'm his girl! I'm his girl! I'm his wife,'" Daiwon McPherson said.

McPherson and Shawna Blackmon first met in 2010. They have shared some of life's most precious moments, but like any relationship, it eventually reached a breaking point.

"I thought it was over with. I thought like, I lost my family. I thought it was really over," McPherson said.

But McPherson and Blackmon eventually came together again.

"I love that she pushes me to be a better person," McPherson said.

"I love everything about him," Blackmon said.

At a gas station in downtown Mobile, true love won.

On Friday night, December 9th, McPherson was supposed to meet Blackmon downtown -- but after he was pulled over by police while riding his motorcycle, things got very tense.

"I was scared. I said he was going to jail. They are going to shoot him," Blackmon said.

Blackmon got a call telling her where her boyfriend was pulled over -- and she had no clue her life was about to change.

Scenarios quickly playing out in her mind, Blackmon knew her boyfriend was armed and she couldn't only think of one thing.

"Me getting out and seeing that I felt like I can fix this. Let me try to fix this and let me calm the situation down and let it work," Blackmon said.

It takes just a split second, and one decision for things to change in the blink of an eye.

"First thing you're going to think is we got another black man going to get killed by two police officers. Nope -- that was the whole flip!" McPherson said.

It was all staged -- leading to the proposal.

The police, armed with unloaded Tasers were in on it the whole time.

The community was brought closer together as a result.

"I felt like that was the perfect set up -- to do something like that and bring everybody together," Blackmon said.

The fake chase did the trick and Blackmon said "yes."

McPherson said he proposed this way partly to send the message that police and communities can work together.