"I want them back:" Once discontinued, Wisconsin man brings back "Candy Raisins"

DELAFIELD (WITI) -- It's an iconic gummy candy that has been in southeastern Wisconsin for about 80 years.

They're more than just candy to John Barker. They're a reminder of his childhood.

"I've been loving those candies since I was just a little kid. I can remember riding my bike up to the golf course and going to the vending machine and grabbing a bag and just loving it," Barker said.

In 2008, Candy Raisins were discontinued, that's when Barker decided to take action.

"I thought for sure someone else was going to re-continue making these things and I thought no big deal and then after a few years passed I said I want them back," Barker said.

Barker built and founded Lake Country Candies and spent a year-and-a-half perfecting the recipe, which was tricky.

Although many love Candy Raisins, they can't seem to describe what it really tastes like as the only remnant of a raisin in the chewy treat is its crinkle on top.

"I've heard people say they taste like honey, ginger, lilac, perfume, soap, but they all seem to love it," said Barker.

After years in the making, the nostalgic candy now named Raisin Tops is back on store shelves.

"I think bringing them back and seeing so many people happy about it is what really makes this whole thing extra special to me," Barker said.

Raisin Tops are now available at Half Nuts on 96th and Greenfield.

Barker plans to have his product on more store shelves in the next few months.

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