"I love it!" It's a touchdown treat! Algoma gas station celebrating the Packers by offering cheaper gasoline!

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- Gasoline prices continue to go down across Wisconsin. The average price of a regular gallon is $2.92 -- but there's a station in Algoma that's selling gas that's 33 cents cheaper! The reason: The Green Bay Packers!

You know that feeling you get every time the Packers score a touchdown? Those who fill up at JP Express in Algoma know that feeling quite well!

"I love it! Every week we can't wait for the Packers to score 50 points or more and it's nice to come to the gas station and get it for like $2.50 a gallon," Dan Haas said.

The gas station is offering a special promotion, discounting the price of gas based on the success of the Packers.

"(Sunday) night it was 53 and 20 points. Twenty was Eagles and 53 was Packers, so the difference is 33 points -- so 33 points turns into 33 cents," JP Express owner Parv Jandu said.

That's 33 cents off each gallon, as long as you pay with cash or check!

Jandu says the discount is only good the day after a Packers game. The promotion started at the beginning of the Packers season.

"I have to blame my wife for it. She's a diehard Packers fan," Jandu said.

And she's not the only Packers fan filling up at the pump!

You're probably wondering, how is this possible -- and is it even legal? The gas station owner has an explanation.

"Door County Daily News is paying for it. I can't do it out of my pocket because then I'd be violating the law, but since they're paying me for it we can do it. The discount -- whatever we offer to people, they give it back to me," Jandu said.

Jandu says he never expected the Packers would win by so much. But there are no complaints here! It's a win-win for everyone.