I looked through a prototype contact lens with the world’s tiniest display built in

A smart contact lens that lets you see like never before!

Contact lenses help people see better, but one startup is taking that idea to the extreme.

Recently, we checked out a contact lens that contains the world’s tiniest display, so you can see information augmented right on the world around you. It was made by a startup named Mojo Vision.

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Mojo Vision is building a lens that superimposes information into the world around you!

"We’re creating the world’s first true smart contact lens. Crammed inside this tiny lens is wireless data and power, along with the world’s smallest display," said Steve Sinclair with Mojo Vision.

"Eventually all the screens should go away and you should be able to see information wherever we want to see it," explained Steve.

I demoed a prototype which I couldn’t put into my eye, but I was able to look through it!

As soon as I put it up to my eye, I suddenly could see a little display overlaid on the screen I was looking at.

One scenario showed a meeting where speech was being translated in real time, the words projected right into my view.

As I moved the contact lens around, I could see the data no matter where I was looking.

Another scene showed bikers getting fitness stats displayed on the horizon.

All the information you might look at your phone or a watch for is now right in your line of sight!

"We want people’s eyes to be up, we want their hands to be free, and we want them to interact with the real world, it’s a concept we call invisible computing," explained Steve.

Some of the first to benefit would be those with vision issues.

"Some of our first customers we believe are people who suffer from low vision conditions, glaucoma or macular degeneration," said Steve.

In another demo, the lens let me virtually see in the dark by overlaying augmented reality content.

Done right, these tiny lenses could also have an impact on smartphones, imagine important text messages, notes to a speech, navigation directions and other vital information magically appearing in your field of view!

"It may seem counterintuitive to put the screen closer to the eye, but it will help us bring our heads up and be focused on the world around us," said Steve.

The technology is still a few years off and must be approved by the FDA, as for the thickness of the lens that probably won’t change, the company says it’s a medical grade lens that is comfortable to wear.