"I killed that baby:" Elderly woman admits to killing infant son 53 years ago, blaming it on another son

MICHIGAN (WITI) -- An elderly woman has admitted to killing her infant son 53 years ago -- and blaming it on another son.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports 77-year-old Janice Summerfield, who now lives in a nursing home told the paper: "I killed that baby. My mind wasn't right. I killed that baby. I didn't know what I was doing."

In September, one of Summerfield's daughters (Paula Gastian) contacted authorities after Janice Summerfield admitted to smothering William Earl Summerfield III when he was eight months old. When the baby died, Janice Summerfield said another of her sons, Phil Summerfield was responsible.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports Phil was four-and-a-half when William died.

The baby was found dead in the bed with Phil when he woke up that morning. He told the Battle Creek Enquirer his mother told him it was his fault William died.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports the baby's casket was exhumed, and his body is being examined to determine how he died.

One of Summerfield's daughters (Paula Gastian) told the Battle Creek Enquirer she believes her mother was responsible for the deaths of her twin sisters when they were infants. She says she went to her mother's nursing home to confront her about the twins' deaths -- when she confessed to killing William.

"I don't know how I stayed calm. I was not ready for her to tell me she killed my little brother," Paula Gastian told the Battle Creek Enquirer.

The twins' death certificates list lung disease as a cause of death. Beth was three months old when she died in 1969, and Brenda was 11 months old when she died in 1970.

Both Phil and Paula say they've been racked with guilt for nearly their entire lives over the deaths of their siblings. Paula tells the Battle Creek Enquirer she was blamed for Brenda's death.

Police have opened a homicide investigation in this case.

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