"I hear people crying when I'm showering:" Family says mysterious events forced them to move from their home

UTAH (WITI) -- Susan Cox Powell disappeared in 2009 -- never to be seen again. Her husband, Josh Powell, was the single person of interest in the case. He ended up killing himself and the couple's two sons in a house fire in Washington State. Now, the family currently renting the home in Utah -- formerly owned by the Powells says they just can't live there anymore!

KUTV in Salt Lake City talked with Joanna Aeosana. She says since she and her family moved into the home, mysterious events have occurred inside.

Aeosana tells KUTV the company leasing the home never shared its history.

"I hear people crying when I'm showering," Aeosana told KUTV.

Aeosana says the garage door opens and closes on its own -- and she recently saw her one-year-old son talking to an empty swing in the front yard, saying "Go away. Leave me alone."

Aeosana tells KUTV a neighbor told her of the home's history, and her family has since moved out.

Now, they're asking the company that leased the home to help them find somewhere else to live, or allow them to get out of their lease.

Real estate agents aren't required to disclose the home's history, but it's something Aeosana believes she should've been made aware of.

"I believe they should have told me. I just don't want to be in there," Aeosana said.

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