'I have no idea why it's there:' Large rock bedevils drivers of Utah city

ROY, Utah -- A sedan perched on top of a large rock is usually not a common site – unless you live in the Utah city of Roy.

“I’ve seen one accident, and my son has seen another,” Connie Scarborough told KSTU while running errands Monday afternoon.

The rock is placed on a median on the backside of a shopping center. Its location makes it difficult to know why it was placed there, or whether the city or property managers are responsible for it, according to KSTU.

“I’ve actually seen a car hit that rock and roll over on top of itself,” said J.C. Wessman, who works out in the same shopping complex. “I have no idea why it’s there.”

“I think they put it there so people wouldn’t run over the curb,” Scarborough theorized. The median the rock sits on separates busy 3500 West from the parking lot.

“People shoot across that intersection so fast,” Wessman said

Jay Reyes speculates on a different reason for its placement, saying, "I figure it’s for the truckers so they don’t drive over that cause there’s a loading dock right over there,” he pointed just 30 or 40 feet away to loading bays. “I drive a commercial sweeper truck. You’ll see that when things are being run over, they'll put big rocks like that on corners for truckers.”

KSTU's calls to shopping center offices were not immediately returned.