"I have never seen anything as bad as that:" Slinger condo neighbors want help for suspected hoarder

SLINGER (WITI) -- Diapers piled to the ceiling, and cat litter overflowing inside a condo in Slinger had neighbors meeting on Tuesday night, October 7th in an effort to find help for a suspected hoarder -- and themselves.

Those who live in the Maple Avenue Condominiums in Slinger gathered Tuesday evening to discuss one person not present at the meeting.

Recent pictures taken inside the woman's condo illustrate the problem.

"I have never seen anything as bad as that -- ever," Diane Weitz said.

"What's it going to cost to clean this up?" one neighbor asked.

"The garbage is like, three feet tall. The toilet mustn't be working, because she has a towel over the toilet," Weitz said.

Weitz lives directly above the woman's condo.

"There is Depends all over the house, and the cat litter box is full," a neighbor said.

Ryan Qwiecien is the downstairs neighbor.

"I'm really paranoid what might come through the walls.  I'm really paranoid about what might come through to our place. I have a five-month-old daughter that lives, you know, there with me. My wife lives there with me and she has asthma problems," Qwiecien said.

Neighbor say the woman who lives in the condo being discussed has lived there for years. It wasn't until the smell started escaping over the summer that others who live there knew there was a problem.

Now, neighbors are wondering what they can do to get the woman help.

"What we`re being told by Washington County and the village is it is an association problem," Qwiecien said.

Neighbors say local and county officials tell them the problem is their condo association's responsibility to address. Cleaning up the woman's condo could cost thousands of dollars, but these neighbors say the real issue would remain unsolved.

They're asking for local government involvement, and they say their next step may be a legal one. These neighbors say their health is at risk.

"I`m worried for myself. This lady needs help.  That`s one of the main reasons too because if she doesn`t get help,  it`s going to continue like this," Qwiecien said.

The neighbors tell FOX6 News they're in the process of seeking legal advice.