"I felt bad:" 13-year-old girl goes above and beyond for young boy being bullied in rough neighborhood

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky -- A 13-year-old girl in Kentucky is being praised for the kindness and compassion she showed a young boy who was being bullied.

The girl saw the boy being bullied, and wanted to lift his spirits.

Her act of kindness was caught on camera.

On an average day off of Wheeler Avenue not far from Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, the neighborhood basketball is outside Shaylynn Hampton's home.

"We leave it out here all year long for the kids to play. It gives them something to do," Jackie Workman, Shaylynn's mother said.

The game on Sunday, April 10th brought an unexpected player.

"I didn't know him at all," Shaylynn Hampton said.

The other kids apparently weren't playing fair.

"His shoes were like, coming apart on the bottom and stuff -- like flipped back," Jamal Bibb, Shaylynn's stepbrother said.

"They weren't what you'd call, designer," Shaylynn Hampton said.

During a break from the game, as the little boy sat by himself, Hampton decided to take action.

"When she came out of the bedroom, she had a box of shoes in her hand. I was like 'what are you doing with those?' And she was like 'they're making fun of a little boy outside, Mom and he's got holes in his shoes.' This is what my baby does, y'all," Jackie Workman said.

"I felt bad. When I was little, when I was his age, I got made fun of and I didn't like that. So to stop that feeling for someone else it made me feel good," Shaylynn Hampton said.

Shaylynn Hampton is a little bit tomboy and a whole lot of "sneaker head." Her sneaker collection could pile as high as the ceiling in her home. She gave the little boy a pair of $200 LeBrons.

"They were clean. They were brand new -- so I didn't have anything to use them for," Shaylynn Hampton said.

Workman posted the video of the act of kindness online -- not just because she was proud, but because she wanted to share a different story to come out of her community.

Her kids play in front of an abandoned school, where the windows are boarded up or busted out. Trash is everywhere. There were four murders in four months.

But yet -- there is good in the heart of a 13-year-old girl.

"He was just happy and surprised that somebody would actually care that much," Shaylynn Hampton said.