"I couldn't protect my son:" Teen with epilepsy stuffed in locker while others hit 'record' on phones

LEXINGTON, Kentucky -- A Kentucky teenager with epilepsy was stuffed in a locker while others stood by and did nothing to help -- instead, posting videos of the incident to social media. The boy's mother is speaking out -- calling for an end to bullying.

"I was across the street from the school when it happened," Nancy Loman said.

Loman said she felt an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

"I felt that I couldn't protect my son," Loman said.

Her 15-year-old son, Logan Sanders, was excited to start high school this year.

Everything changed one day in late September -- leading up to a Woodford County JV football game.

"It was one student that actually put him in the locker, but it was several students that video'ed the incident," Loman said.

The video showing Sanders stuffed in the locker was sent out on Snapchat and posted to Instagram, but later deleted.

Sanders and his mother are thankful the video no longer exists.

"I don't think that he wants to see it," Loman said.

It took school officials about 30 minutes to cut out the combination lock and free the freshman student.

The superintendent for Woodford County Public Schools released this statement to WDRB about the bullying investigation:

"Once that was completed, the student who committed the offense was given strong consequences for his behavior."

"Stand up and speak out. Don't give up," Loman said.

Loman knows there are other parents who stay silent even when their son or daughter is bullied on a daily basis.

She said she wants to start working with the Woodford County Human Rights Commission.

While she called her son's story a daily struggle, Loman said she feels she needs to help the victims that stay quiet.

"There's kids that can't talk about it or that won't talk about it. Be their voice!" Loman said.

Loman said the student at the center of this bullying investigation was suspended for four days and sent to an alternative school for another 30 days.