"I can't have this hanging over us:" Father takes matters into his own hands after daughter bullied over Snapchat

WARNING: There is extremely strong language used in this video that is not appropriate for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

MINNESOTA (WITI) -- A Minnesota father has taken matters into his own hands after learning his eighth-grade daughter has been the victim of bullying over Snapchat. The girl's father has turned to social media after contacting school officials, police and the parents of the students allegedly responsible for the bullying -- and he's received an outpouring of support.

"I just had to get this off my chest. I just don't know what to do," Brad Knudson, the father of the bullying victim says in a YouTube video.

In the YouTube video you'll see above, Knudson says freshmen twins were bullying his adopted, African-American daughter over Snapchat. When Knudson learned of multiple harassing messages sent to his daughter via the mobile app, he says he was shocked.

Knudson says he and his wife pulled out their own cell phones to record the harassment as it was occurring. Then, Knudson reached out to the twins' parents -- even going to their home in an attempt to discuss what had occurred.

Knudson says he reached out to police after the 13-year-old son of some very close family friends committed suicide due to bullying.

"It dawned on me that I cannot have this hanging over us, and my daughter thinking the worst and something would happen," Knudson said. "I have a beautiful African-American daughter whom I love more than life itself, and I would do anything for her."

Knudson handed over video showing the bullying to police -- and they in turn talked with police who are stationed at the school. The kids believed to be responsible for the bullying were brought in, and police spoke with their parents.

Still wishing to speak with the parents of the twins accused of bullying himself, Knudson says he got the cell phone number of the twins' father -- and he says he was finally able to reach him.

Knudson says the twins' father said he didn't understand what the problem was -- not understanding "what the big deal was" even after Knudson sent him the recording of the Snapchat message. In the YouTube video Knudson has posted, he plays a couple of voicemail messages left by the twins' father -- in which the twins' father is heard harassing Knudson.

KMSP reports since Knudson posted his video to YouTube, he's received an outpouring of support and encouragement. The twins' family has apologized, and the twins' father has lost his job as an independent contractor at a financial firm, KMSP reports.

"I just want him to own it, and his twins that go to high school as freshmen -- they can own it too," Knudson said.

School officials are investigating whether this bullying was isolated, or whether it has been ongoing.

The school district issued this statement to KMSP:

"Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools is aware of the YouTube video. First and foremost, we do not tolerate racism, harassment or bullying of any kind. We are conducting our own investigation to get a better understanding of the events that led up to this video. We have reached out to Mr. Knudson directly to offer support for his daughter. We strive to maintain safe and respectful schools for all of our students and will continue to work to ensure a safe learning environment for all of our students."

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