"I bought 50 pounds of salt, I want to be prepared:" Residents gear up for an early Wisconsin winter

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It's come earlier than expected this year, and people say they are not ready for old man winter just yet! But many are still stocking up on cold weather essentials like shovels, snow blowers and salt.

Despite seeing some snowflakes and scarves and gloves, people say they just don't want to accept what this weekend has in store.

Though the signs are all around us, people aren't ready to accept the freeze, the cold, and the snow.

"It's a little too early for this type of weather," said Kevin Hoffman, from Manitowoc.

We are never really prepared for the next few months.

"Never, never ready and the older I get it's even worse," said Mike Volpano, from Waukesha.

Inside National Ace Hardware in Milwaukee, people are starting to accept what lies ahead.

"I bought 50 pounds of salt, I want to be prepared," said Debra Johnson, from Milwaukee.

The first real snowfall is expected over the weekend -- Debra Johnson is not taking any chances.

"It got cold earlier, pretty sure it's going to snow earlier," said Johnson.

The store has been busy selling shovels, snow blowers and salt. Co-owner of National Ace Hardware, Bill Rotter, says they wouldn't normally see this type of business so early.

"Having snow in the middle of November is rare. It's only the beginning," said Bill Rotter, Co-owner of National Ace Hardware.

Looking forward to more busy days ahead, even though there is some denial.

"I'm moving to Florida," said Volpano.

We will continue to tough it out because that is what we do.

"It's part of Wisconsin, you grow up with it and you accept what it is," said Volpano.

At the hardware store, the owner had a warning -- a salt supply. He expects a shortage for those bags you buy at the store. He says buy it now while it's still around.