HyPro, Inc. to close facility in Whitewater, impacting 62 employees

WHITEWATER -- The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development has been notified of the upcoming closure of the HyPro, Inc. facility in Whitewater.

HyPro, Inc will be consolidating operations and closing its facility located at 840 Executive Drive in Whitewater.

This closure is expected to affect approximately 62 employees beginning on or about November 2nd, 2015.

The Southeast Workforce Development Board and the local Job Service office will provide Rapid Response services to the affected workers.

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Dislocated Worker Program provides transition assistance to workers and companies affected by permanent worker layoffs. The Program's local Rapid Response Teams help companies and worker representatives develop and implement a practical transition plan based on the size of the layoff event. Types of services include:

    Workers affected by permanent layoff may also access basic re-employment services at no charge through the state's Job Centers. Some services, including training assistance, may be an option for some workers after enrolling in one or more of DWD's workforce development programs. While all companies faced with permanent worker layoffs are encouraged to seek assistance from the local Rapid Response Teams, some companies may be required to give 60 days notice before a mass layoff or closing under federal and/or state law.

    Rep. Andy Jorgensen (D-Milton) released the following statement regarding notice he has been given that HyPro, Inc. of Whitewater plans to consolidate its operations and close its Whitewater facility:

    “I know how hard it is to get the news of a lay-off, and my heart goes out to those families facing a challenging new reality tonight.  But, they should know that they aren’t alone and I’m here to help them, as are many other people.

    Whether you have questions about unemployment benefits, educational opportunities, or job search resources, I can help.  Give me a call anytime, toll-free, at (888) 534-0043, and we’ll work together to find a way forward.”

    Jorgensen also had this to say regarding the state’s overall business climate:

    “The corporate tax breaks Republicans have pushed for years through WEDC aren’t working, and that’s painfully illustrated by the fact that we are still seeing major job losses in manufacturing in Wisconsin.

    “It’s time for those in power to consider new ideas – Democratic ideas – to boost businesses which continue to struggle.  Worker training and retraining programs, direct tax relief to the middle class, and initiatives like my Made in America proposal could make a real difference, as we attempt to set Wisconsin on a path to economic stability and strength.”