Hypothermia led to death of Milwaukee woman

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The Milwaukee County medical examiner's office says the 53-year-old woman found frozen in her driveway this weekend apparently died of hypothermia.

A preliminary investigative report released Monday says Chris Leutenegger of Milwaukee was found by her mother Sunday morning.

Investigators say Leutenegger was drinking with a roommate Saturday night. The roommate came home about midnight, and Leutenegger wasn't seen again until her mother found her the next morning.

The report says the driveway was caked with ice and freshly fallen snow. There was blood on the ground and Leutenegger's face.

A neighbor said she thought she heard Leutenegger screaming for an hour starting about 1 a.m. But the neighbor turned up the TV because it wasn't uncommon for Leutenegger to be loud and belligerent after a night of drinking.

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