Huston due in court, accused of pushing woman from porch

Sara Huston

SHEBOYGAN (WITI) -- 38-year-old Sara Huston, the woman facing one count of first degree reckless injury (repeater) for an incident in Sheboygan on Saturday, June 15th in which a woman was pushed from a porch near South 8th Street, is due in court Thursday, January 16th.

Officials interviewed a man who lives at a residence in the 1500 block of South 8th Street.

That man told officials he had two women at his residence on Saturday night — Huston and another woman. The criminal complaint says the man told officials the three were drinking, and said he left the women in his residence while he headed to get gas.

The complaint says when the man returned, he found Huston naked on his bad, and told her she needed to get off the bed.

Then, the complaint says the other woman inside the residence said she was going to the bathroom, but instead, the two women walked out the door of the residence. The man told officials he thought they were headed outside to smoke.

The complaint says the man told officials he looked outside and saw Huston using her hands to push the other woman, who went over the edge of the roof.

The man told Huston she had killed the woman, and the complaint says Huston told the man to leave the woman alone.

At this point, the man went to check on the woman who had been pushed from the porch, and said she looked “dead.” The man told Huston she had killed the woman, to which the complaint indicates Huston replied: “No I didn’t. Don’t call the cops. Just leave her.”

The man went back into his residence to call authorities — at which time the woman disappeared. The woman was located about three to four blocks away with no clothing on, according to the criminal complaint.

The complaint says officials made contact with Huston who was intoxicated, but uninjured. She was taken into custody.

The complaint indicates Huston made several remarks to officials — saying she and the woman were at the residence, kissing and making out. Huston told officials she was not an alcoholic, but cannot handle alcohol well — asking “Did I turn on her?” The complaint says Huston told officials she “has a lot of anger in her” and said “maybe if I’m in a blackout I would hurt them.”

Huston told officials she did not know the man and woman whose apartment she was at.

The criminal complaint says a doctor told officials the woman who was pushed suffered fractured vertebrae — a life-threatening injury — saying the woman’s neck has no real support.

When interviewing the woman who was pushed, that woman told officials she and Huston were kissing on the porch, and said Huston wanted to do stuff on the roof, and got mad.

The complaint says the woman told officials she was half-naked herself, until someone put clothes on her.

Then, the woman told officials, she was pushed off the porch by Huston, who was angry — according to the complaint.