Hundreds on Milwaukee's east side dig out after storm

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Monday, December 23rd was a day of digging for a lot of people on Milwaukee’s east side. There was so much snow over the weekend, people still had plenty to shovel more than 24 hours later. Some sidewalks still needed to be cleared, and dozens of cars still need to be dug out.

On the east side, many people take advantage of street parking.  And the issue many of them found Monday morning was that even if they had shoveled the day before, the plows had pushed snow back around their cars trapping them in again.

“It's ridiculous, because I feel like the plows need to do a better job and not get people’s cars stuck on the streets like this. It’s not fair,” said Toyin Olukoton.

Plus since the snow was a day old, it was harder to clean up.

“Of course it got colder last night so the nice fluffy snow is now compacted and it's a lot harder and it takes a little more oomph,” said Patrick McGartland.

“I can't pick up the heavy snow because it's already degraded with the ice and water so it becomes much more heavier, so you can't really shovel it and you spend more time shoveling it,” said Aniela Makohon. "It becomes tedious."

While plenty of people had already dug out their cars by Monday afternoon there were still a handful of cars on each block that looked untouched on Milwaukee’s East Side.