Humane Society gets $50,000 donation after reaching adoption goal

MILWAUKEE -- The Wisconsin Humane Society announced Tuesday, September 25th their goal to find homes for 500 animals during the month of September was successful. The Humane Society thus received a $50,000 donation from philanthropist Stan Kass.

A Humane Society representative said over 500 animals found homes in just 18 days. The Humane Society reached their goal one week early.

Kass had agreed to donate $50,000 to the Wisconsin Humane Society if 500 animals are adopted during the month of September -- as a means of saying 'thank you' to the Humane Society.

After Kass' wife lost her battle with cancer in 2010, Kass felt like his whole world was over. He found new love with a rescue dog named Reggie -- a three-year-old German Shepard/Husky mix. The dog became more than a companion.

"Reggie and me are inseparable. He's really saved my life and I hope other dogs can save other people," Kass said.

Kass made a similar pledge last year, and donated $100,000 after 1,000 animals were rescued in 28 days.