Hulu removes 'Golden Girls' episode with blackface joke, sparking criticism

LOS ANGELES -- "Golden Girls" fans aren't happy with Hulu after the streamer pulled an episode of the show for referencing blackface.

Hulu's removal of the season three episode "Mixed Blessings" followed in the footsteps of other shows pulling similar content in light of the Black Lives Matter movement taking center stage in America and around the world.

"This is mud on our faces," White said in the episode. "We’re not really black."

It wasn't long before fans took to Twitter to defend the show.

"First of all, they were in mud masks not blackface," one user said. "And second of all, in what world does, 'Stop killing us.' sound like, 'Please remove episodes of Golden Girls'? I didn't see that ask on anyone's protest sign..."

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The same user continued: "To be clear: I’m not 'attacking' Hulu. I would just hate for the seriousness of this moment and movement to get lost in symbolic (and sometimes silly) overcorrections. Impact on real lives should be the measure of any change worthy of a PR push."

"Yeah, these companies and media platforms are trivializing the situation by sending the message that our demand for justice is as petty as removing episodes of the Golden Girls off a streaming platform. This is a calculated effort to cheapen our message," another wrote.

third Twitter user wrote that blackface episodes of television should not be removed, calling them "huge racist blindspots" in pop culture, noting that removing the "Golden Girls" episode was "bonkers."

Reps for Hulu did not immediately respond to FOX News' request for comment.

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