How to get the best deals on 'Amazon Prime Day'

Amazon is promising more deals than Black Friday on its first ever “Prime Day” on July 15.  The huge sale is to celebrate the online retailer’s 20th birthday.

Consumer expert Andrea Woroch shared her ways to save big on Amazon Prime Day.

1. Sign up for a free Amazon Prime account. If you enroll in a free, 30-day trial, you can still cash on the savings. Just remember to cancel before you are charged the $99 annual membership free.

2. Make a list to stay within your budget. Woroch recommends purchasing items that need replaced and even doing some back-to-school shopping.

3. Do your research so you know you’re getting the best deal. The website shows you when prices drops, while PriceBlink lets you know if there is a better price elsewhere.

4. Load your cart early so you don’t miss out on a hot deal. Woroch says there’s no way to predict what will go on sale, but having items in your cart with help with quick checkout. She also suggests saving your shipping and billing information ahead of time.

5. Check coupon sites to get extra savings. lists hundreds of coupon codes.

6. Browse reviews if you’re unfamiliar with a brand. Even thought it may not be from a big name, it could be a top-quality buy. Websites like can point you in the right direction.

7. Keep your personal information safe by using a secure Internet connection. Woroch doesn’t condone shopping at work and advises against making your purchases using a coffee shop’s free WiFi.