Houston crosswalk signs flash obscene gesture at pedestrians

HOUSTON — Is it a message to the city, pedestrians, drivers or just a prank? No one knows for sure, but several crosswalks appear to be giving the middle finger in Houston.

The vandalized LED signals popped up this week, according to CNN affiliate KTRK. One is near a daycare center and schools.

Some passersby are taking the possible obscene gesture in stride, with laughter and an eye roll. Others want the problem fixed.

"It needs to be changed ... because there are children here," Houston Community College student Jordan Boykins told the affiliate.

And comments posted on the station's Facebook page have quite a range of reaction.

"At least people know the crosswalk works," Courtney Lorean Tinsley wrote.

"I like this sign better especially for our very polite and educated Houstonians, perfect," Aquilar Briceno chimed in.

"Hilarious!!! This is the type of lighthearted humor we need these days," Preston Dermitt added.

Houston Public Works crews fixed one signal, KTRK reported, adding that the time it takes to repair the signs depends on the damage.

When it comes to such vandalism, it's up to the police to investigate and make arrests, the city said.