Hotel housekeepers sickened after mistakenly eating edibles left in guest's room

SHELBURNE, Vt. – Two Vermont hotel workers were hospitalized after inadvertently eating marijuana edibles left in a guest's room, according to the Burlington Free Press.

The two apparently couldn't resist a box labeled "salted caramel chocolates," but after eating them they started to feel ill.

One of the Shelburne Farms employees was found lying in the driveway of the hotel. "They certainly weren't in any shape to work," Shelburne police officer Joshua Flore told the paper.

WCAX reports that police responded around 10 a.m. after the two housekeepers ate candy that resembled malted milk balls. Police said the edibles appeared to have been stashed in a normal candy box.

Both women were taken to an area hospital for treatment. Police didn't specify their condition.

Police said that the guests, who had checked out earlier on Wednesday, will not face charges.

Flore told the Burlington Free Press that the incident should serve as a cautionary tale before the July 1 law change allowing Vermont residents to grow or possess small amounts of marijuana.

It's not clear how the new law will treat edibles, but Flore hopes it helps people think twice before "popping chocolates that aren't necessarily chocolate."