Hospital patient goes on rampage and brutally attacks nurses

MINNESOTA (WITI) -- Surveillance video that was released shows a brutal attack on nurses by a patient at a Minnesota hospital.

On Sunday, November 2nd, police say the 68-year-old man used a bar from his hospital bed to attack the nurses.

He ran behind the nurses station and started swinging. Four of the workers were hit. The employees even tried to close the doors to the ward to stop the rampage.

Police say the man was delusional and paranoid.

"Everything we've been able to learn from talking to family and friends of Mr. Logan, this was not him. This was not the way he was," said Maplewood Police Chief, Paul Schnell.

Once the man got outside, police tried to stop him with a taser, but it didn't work.

He was then tackled by officers and arrested -- the man died moments later.

An autopsy is being performed to figure out what caused his death.

There is no word on what triggered the attack.

WARNING! this video might be disturbing to some viewers.