Horlick High School football coach apologizes for comments he made during game in Burlington Friday night

RACINE -- A Racine Horlick High School football coach is apologizing after comments he made at a game in Burlington on Friday night, August 28th.

According to an article at MyRacineCounty.com, a Horlick player was called for a personal foul after an illegal hit injured a receiver from Burlington.

The online article says Coach Brian Fletcher didn't agree with the call, and asked a referee: "Would we have gotten that call if my safety was Caucasian?"

Coach Fletcher was ejected from the game.

On Monday, August 31st, the coach released a statement that reads, in part: "I am aware that my actions at Friday night's football game were out of line and insensitive and I apologize to those I offended."

School administrators say there's an investigation underway, but Fletcher remains with the team.

The injured player's father tells FOX6 News his son didn't suffer a concussion, and he hopes to return to the field soon.

Burlington won the game, 39-24.

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