"He's shaken up:" Thieves caught on camera trying to steal pet pig named Sprinkles

PHOENIX, Arizona -- A Phoenix woman said she caught thieves on camera trying to steal her pet pig.

Ten-month-old Sprinkles avoided capture Wednesday morning, September 21st, and while his owner, Alex Howson, said she is grateful the thieves let him go, she still wants them caught.

"They can just pick up on all emotions and senses. They can sense good people from bad," Howson said of miniature pigs.

She said her pig monitor captured the two guys after they broke in through a back window, stealing things like a TV, video games consoles, and jewelry. But they also tried to make off with Sprinkles.

"You can see him trying to catch Sprinkles, but Sprinkles is yelling at him, trying to get him out of the room," Howson said.

She thinks they likely thought they could make a pretty penny off their hognapping, but these guys were no match for Sprinkles' evasive tactics.

"I even think that trying to keep things fast made him kind of give up on trying to steal Sprinkles," Howson said.

Howson said a neighbor saw them take off in a white car.

"I know he's a little shaken up, but he's extra cuddly and I don't mind that at all," Howson said.

She has handed over the video to the Phoenix Police Department.

"I think he definitely senses I'm grateful and that I love him so much and that we're going to catch these guys so they don't hurt anyone else," Howson said.