'He's getting stronger:' Rescued red fox kit begins to recover at Wisconsin Humane Society

MILWAUKEE -- "Shhhh. Clover is sleeping-in."  Officials at the Wisconsin Humane Society's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center say the little red fox kit, named Clover, that was recently rescued from a busy road is beginning to recover.

Officials said the cute little guy was found alone. Clover suffers from a sarcoptic mange and an upper respiratory infection which may have been part of the reason he was abandoned.

Humane society officials said the red fox kit is on quarantine as they are watching him for any signs of canine distemper virus, which is contagious.

"Clover is now well hydrated; he's warm and getting stronger; he's had his first of three treatments for mange, so he's less itchy, and he's on a course of antibiotics for his respiratory infection," official said.

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