Here’s how an app can help you manage your passwords

A password management app can help you generate more secure passwords and make it so you never have to type them in again!

A password management app makes your life easier since you sign up once and the app handles the tough task of creating complex passwords and storing them for you. You only need to remember your master password. When you visit a website, the app will fill in the appropriate login info for you.

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Rich's Tip: If you use one of these apps be sure to also turn on Two Factor Authentication. This adds an extra layer of security. Say someone was able to guess your master password, they would still have to enter in a secondary confirmation number that is only available through a special app on your phone.

Dashlane is free to use on all of your devices but there's a catch - if you'd like your passwords to sync between these devices so you can access them anywhere - you have to pay $40 a year for a premium account. It's well worth the extra security and time you'll save clicking those "forgot password" links.

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